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Pacolet Mills Sign Replacement
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Pacolet Mills Sign Replacement


Your signs have thrived alongside your company or business for a very long time.

Pacolet Mills Sign Replacement hours of operation sign 300x187Some may have even undergone minor and major repairs, while others are probably nearing the end of its shelflife. Whether you want to remove your existing and functioning signage, or just want to make changes like updating your brand message, sign replacement is an appropriate action to opt for.

Sign replacement differs from sign repair in the sense that it completely replaces everything in the existing signage—with or without damages—from small to large details. It gives birth to new signage or does a makeover for the current one.

To get a high-quality looking replacement for your existing signage, Carolina Signs and Wonders is the right company you can trust. We offer sign face replacements with size, style, and graphics of your choice. Technically, our sign replacement service is custom made to satisfy our client’s taste and standard.

Note that we are the leading sign replacement service provider in Pacolet Mills, SC. This means that with us, you will get nothing but great service and outstanding customer support.

Contact Carolina Signs and Wonders at (704) 286-1343 for a free sign replacement consultation now!

Sign Material and Size

Pacolet Mills Sign Replacement custom lighted led pole pylon sign 300x225 300x225Our company offers various options for the materials to be used in your sign replacement. It also comes in the size of your choice so it would fit your particular signage box. From the width and length, it is your call. Also, outdoor signage must be durable to withstand any harsh elements that Mother Nature may throw at it. At Carolina Signs and Wonders, your sign replacements are available in different levels of durability:

1. Good – Acrylic and Plexiglas

This is a popular option for illuminated signage installed outdoors. These materials for sign replacement can crack or break under pressure. Acrylic and Plexiglas plastic is also available in oversize sheets for special requests.

2. Better – High Impact Acrysteel and Acrylite SG

These materials have an impact strength ten times more than the Acrylic or Plexiglas Plastic. With enhanced break resistance, they have also become well-liked choices for sign replacement.

3. Best – Super Impact Lexan, Lexan SG, and Polycarbonate

Lexan is the strongest sign face material to ever exist, which makes it highly recommended for high-risk breakages. These materials are usually used for large signs, especially for the lighted ones outdoors.

Design and Color

Promotional window GraphicsFor digitally printed graphic designs that you want to include in your sign, like logos and other images, you may upload your art file. In an instance where you don’t have a ready-made template for the matter, our creative graphic design team can layout a design for you, which is included in your sign order without any extra charges.

With Carolina Signs and Wonders, it doesn’t take long to get your blueprint. After showing you the sketch of how it will look like, we just need to get your approval before moving on to the print and production. In case there’s something you want to modify, we will work on it right away. We also have available design options such as custom shapes and hole placements, rounded corners, and PMS color match. And to emit the best experience, our graphic designs are printed in high resolution.

We use a 3M exterior grade, UV-resistant translucent vinyl to print your graphics in full colors, laminate it, and then smear it on your sign face. One downside of this procedure, though, is that it is prone to damages since it is exposed to many elements when applied on the sign surface. On the other hand, the next option provides better protection and offers long-lasting animation since it is reversely printed onto clear Lexan. However, this takes time to finish and incurs a price higher than the former option.

Three Style Options

When it comes to signs, there are three style options that you can choose from:

1. Standard flat sign. This is the least expensive style option. The standard thickness is 3/16, with no raised elements. White is what’s usually supplied, but you can request a clear one if you like.

2. Pan Molded. With this, a sign surface extends beyond its lighted cabinets. Its face sort of appears ‘bubbled out.’

3. Pan and Embossed. This is similar to pan molded but with raised letters or graphics.

Leading Pacolet Mills Signage Provider

Custom storefront channel lettersCarolina Signs and Wonders has been in the business for a long time now. Our outstanding business ethics has put us in the topmost podium, leaving all our previous customers in deep satisfaction.

We are a full-service company, serving the residents of Pacolet Mills, that takes full control of all our operations, from the pre-production until the post-production part of the process. Our artistic graphic designers and professional workers have all been praised by our former clients, recommending our name to sign replacement service seekers.

We also handle the shipment of your sign face orders for reasonable delivery fees. We always ensure to pack it carefully in a sturdy crate to protect it from possible damages along the way. Trust that it will be delivered to your doorstep on time without any defects.

Whatever other signage companies can do, Carolina Signs and Wonders can do better. That’s our guarantee.

Free Consultation

Carolina SignageIf you are in dire need to replace your signage but can’t find someone to do the job, grab your phone and contact our hotline right away. We will save you from trouble by providing excellent service worthy of your time and money.

What we want is to be your lifetime signage partner in Pacolet Mills. Whether it be for sign replacement or other signage needs, let our name be the first one you call. Rest assured, we never disappoint.

Contact Carolina Signs and Wonders at (704) 286-1343 for a free sign replacement consultation now!