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Gastonia Sign Repair


Signs are your business partners when it comes to marketing and making your brand visible.

Gastonia Sign Repair channel letters banner outdoor storefront building illuminated backlit sign 300x225Taking that into account, you must regularly check if they are still standing strong and effectively assisting you in your business. It is then imperative to repair every existing sign defect as soon as possible.

More contemporary signs today are created with more robust and upgraded elements to keep them long-lasting without constant repairs. However, the signs that have been servicing you for a long time are perhaps fabricated out of outdated materials that require maintenance and repairs here and then.

Whichever version you have, if your sign is showing red flags for a repair, let a professional look after it. Carolina Signs and Wonders has the eye and skills in spotting problems and repairing your signs to prolong its shelf life for a few more years.

Our expert repairmen will address every type of damage, whether they are common sign repair needs or unusual, complicated ones. With our expertise in this field, we ensure that you can use your sign immediately without causing a delay in your business marketing.

As the leading service provider in Gastonia, North Carolina, we take pride in the sign services we offer. Once you start working with us, we know you can testify why.

Call Carolina Signs and Wonders at (704) 286-1343 for a free consultation with a professional signs repair handyman now!

Diverse Repair Options

Attractive Building SignsCarolina Signs and Wonders is a dynamic and versatile signs repair company. We are not limited to just one type of repair service. Whatever kind of signage you have, we can repair it without hesitation.

1. Commercial Sign Repair

This is the most common and direct signage repair type. Issues may include fading texts and graphics or damages such as peeling and cracking. Troubles with the electrical components may also arise. Assessment is then needed to recognize the causes of these issues and to be given proper and immediate repair service.

2. Neon Sign Repair

Businesses that want to draw attention from nearby competitors use neon lightings to take advantage of its captivating light. When it comes to repairing, these signs need a professional that is an expert on how neon signs work. Although they are durable and have enduring shelflives, they still cannot escape the burden of occasional repairs.

3. Pylon Sign Repair

This type of signage is installed up in the pole, making it hover in the air. Repair services for this signage entail safety precautions for the repairmen above and the motorists below. It may cause serious threats to passersby and the repairman himself when not handled properly. That is why a professional repair specialist is required to fix and securely install this signage to prevent casualties from taking place.

Aside from the signage options mentioned above, we also repair monument signs, building signs, digital signs, lit/non-lit signs, LED signs, wayfinding and directional signs, customized signs, and so much more. Our company prepares all the equipment needed for the repair service. What you need is to just wait for us to show up and repair your sign to its original, flawless state.

Factors to Consider During a Repair

Gastonia Sign Repair custom lighted led outdoor pole sign 300x225 300x225Repair specialists need to first assess your signage to recognize the issues and address them accordingly. There are a variety of factors that experts need to consider to be able to fix issues related to exterior lighting, electrical work, and signage material.

1. Exterior Lighting

Visibility should be one attribute that your signage must possess. This is sourced from the lighting components placed in the signage, so if it already has hollow spots whenever it’s lit during dark hours, it is a sign that there’s already an issue with your signage. Hire a sign repair expert to fix it with speed and accuracy and let your signage continuously attract people without trouble.

2. Basic Electrical Troubleshooting

Electrical troubleshooting is not always required since other signages do not incorporate lighting or other elements that require power. However, it is highly applicable to signage that uses internal or external light. If your sign lighting flickers unnecessarily, that’s a red flag that something is wrong with your electrical elements. That means there is already a need for immediate troubleshooting before it stirs up another problem. This kind of repair demands an expert in electrical engineering to ensure a safe repair process.

3. Paints and Plastics

Materials used to craft your signage—such as paints and plastics—may wear out as years pass. This happens due to weather, vandalism, or accidents. Damages in your signage can sometimes be associated with your company’s reputations. That is why you should restore your signage as soon as possible to save your business from undesirable impressions. Remember that whatever caused the damage, you must employ a repair specialist that is familiar with the necessary repair process for different materials.

Professional Sign Repair

Storefront Signage For Your BusinessCarolina Signs and Wonders is the trusted sign service company in Gastonia, North Carolina. We have our professional staff eager to assist you with all your queries. Our industrious and expert signage repair crew works with speed and precision to bestow life extension to your signage every time you need it.

Rest assured that we will handle every aspect of the repair process—from the initial assessment up until the installation process—with no less than 100% dedication to providing quality work. We take full control of our projects, so our clients have nothing to worry about. Also, aside from being a sign repair company, we are a multiuse company working for similar services.

Free Signage Consultation

Carolina SignageTake every red flag on sign repair to our concern—trust Carolina Signs and Wonders to restore your signage for a long-lasting promotional business function. We aspire to be your go-to sign repair company in Gastonia and work on your much-needed repair services. We guarantee nothing but satisfaction to you, our valued clients.

Call Carolina Signs and Wonders at (704) 286-1343 for a free consultation with a professional signs repair handyman now!